Rima Berzin is a NYC based portrait photographer and instructor who captures people with a poetic and authentic point of view.

Rima Berzin is a NYC based portrait photographer and instructor who captures people with a poetic and authentic point of view.

Rima is a NYC based portrait photographer and instructor who captures people with a poetic and authentic point of view.

One of her many unique talents is her ability to help people relax before the camera.  Another is the joy and playfulness she brings out during her portrait sessions.

Rima says she is  " . . .  Inspired by the beauty and strength intrinsic to every individual."  She clearly expresses this in her portraits of Families, Women's Beauty, Children, and Newborns. Clients who want a unique look seek out Rima for head shots for their business needs as well.

Rima's art career is complimented with a gift for teaching children pre-K through elementary school.  She explains, "I will never give up the joyful experience of teaching children. They make you wonder, think, laugh, and learn."  She brings this expression to her children's portraiture.  Her romantic perspective is also clearly seen in her fine art, nature photography.

When not behind a camera or teaching, you can bet Rima is baking, walking in nature, dreaming by the ocean, dancing anywhere,  or hanging out with her family.



A portrait is a GIFT of memory that you or a special someone will cherish. Use the contact page to ask Rima for more information.



Rima offers private mentoring and group workshops in digital photography, composition, and Adobe Lightroom editing. 

FIND OUT MORE. Address inquiries to: rima@rimaberzin.com



 ”Rima is passionate about photography and it shows in her work. She has a wonderful eye and she takes photos that tell stories. She’s taken stunning candid photographs of my boys that captured their very essence and character.  The photographs are not only beautiful, but lyrical, evocative, and imaginative.
— Rachel B

"The  portrait session with my daughter and Rima was a wonderful experience.  Rima made her feel so incredibly relaxed and beautiful in a way that is empowering for a young woman today.  We ended up with stunning photos and a daughter who felt GREAT about herself."               - Mala B

“Rima is a supremely talented photographer. With her personable manner, she is able to make her subjects relax and enjoy the process of being photographed.  She has an innate ability to assess everyone’s comfort level and use that to her advantage as she composes the setting for a photograph. I can highly recommend Rima as a photographer for any situation.
—  Alice L.

"Rima has the ability to find magnificence in every living thing.  Her portrait photography, in particular, captures the unique beauty and life story of each of her subjects.  If a picture is usually worth 1,000 words, in Rima's photography it is worth 100,000 words!"                    – Elyse G.

“I’ve worked with Rima a few times on Help Portrait shoots, including one that she organized. She’s great to work with: organized, upbeat, skilled, efficient, and tireless. Rima makes terrific pictures not only because she has the technical skills, but also because she connects with her subjects. I’d happily work with Rima anytime.
— Susan S.

"I really enjoyed working with Rima. Not only did we have a lot of fun, but with the help of her directions and attention to my needs, we ended up with some beautiful portraits."                            – Remi T.

“Rima works fast and knows how to use the elements that surround her.  Her professionalism shows on the output of her work.  It was great working with her.
— Norberto P

"I've had the privilege to be photographed by Rima several times as well as worked with her on a professional level. This experience has showed a great range of her abilities, talent, and imagination. Rima's passion for the art form is visible and felt within the first interaction and her photographic style reflects who she is."

"A creative soul by nature, one can not help but fall under her spell and be transformed into a magical place where anything is possible, you feel alive, beautiful and able to achieve anything your heart desires. "

"Having worked with her as a photographer, her dedication to her clients, business and photographic community never ceases to amaze me. 
Rima Berzin is not just a photographer, having that title alone belittles all that she is and encompasses. She is a genuine and remarkable artist and human being who is one of a kind. It is an honor to call her a colleague and a friend!"                          
– Ania V

“Rima has a truly unique eye and sees what most of us don’t .  She is able to capture the mundane with beauty and grace.  She is committed to completing every job with perfection and ensuring that the client is happy.  While she brings seriousness to her work, she also brings a sense of humor and easy going demeanor.     
— Jane M

.  .  .  from a client who had a book created and printed from his huge volume of personal digital prints  .   .   .   

Rima, it’s terrific, no if and or buts.  I’m looking at it in bright but shaded window light and there is nothing to improve.  Thanks for your help.
— Len G