Getting to Know You

I’ve been an Ann Arbor, Michigan hotel resident while my son recovers from a nasty case of Mononucleosis. He’s doing well now!!! Yay!  so, I’ll soon be reunited with my dear Nikon camera back in NYC.

Yes. I left home without my camera.  That doesn’t happen very often. I admit I had separation anxiety for a moment. BUT, I really didn’t see me having time to shoot.  I was indeed busy here for a while. However, there’s always a silver lining.  I’ve been bonding with my iPhone 4s. I downloaded some terrific apps which let me play around with the potentially mundane.  Let’s face it, hotel lobbies and rooms don’t continue to fascinate.  It takes some imagination, inspiration, or journalism to explore the subject. I’m doing a bit of each with my iPhone. 

I am grateful that my son feels well and that I have this time to explore photography in a new way.

Here’s a first try:  Our room needed some uplifting. So, some sunny tulips.  I just love flowers. I also needed some uplifting: maybe a fun color nail polish?  Why not yellow for a bit of whimsey.  I had a sunshine theme going here…and I couldn’t resist a snap shot. Playing with my apps I made this card.

I wish you beautiful days ≈ may they always be filled with light &  LOVE.